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My father..

Strange how elderly people keeps their posture when photographed.. Mr Östen Jakobsson, Esq. My father.

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Police with a donkey..

Just a 2 meter tall cop, officer Holst, with a rented donkey and a happy kid. The suburb Rosengård, Malmö, 1994.

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Confiscated street weapon

In 1994, I worked on a year long project together with the police in the suburbs of Malmö, Sweden. As a photographer I was, what today is called, ”imbedded” with one unit of police officers. This […]

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Sitting #3 Roger

My dear old friend Roger Paterson visited my studio…  Roger was born in England and is an actor and highly acclaimed model. The bottom picture of Roger was taken in the Canary Island 1989 and […]

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Sitting #2 Eva

Eva is a dear friend of mine. Back in the 1990-ies she was one of the best make up and hairstylist around in Malmö/ Copenhagen region. She is still one of the best at her […]

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Sitting #1 Lilly

Introducing Lilly…. Lilly is a very good friend of ours. She is absolute adorable with a fantastic face to explore. Hope to get together again soon for more shots.

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It´s been a while since I updated my blog…

But hopefully this will change to a more frequent update from now on. I´m about to finish building my small portrait studio where I hope to be able to produce some nice portraits. I have […]

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