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The Magnusdotter sisters

Pure beauty. Vinga & Saga. Please click thumbs for higher res…  

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Sitting # 8 Malin

Malin is Head of Communications at University West in Sweden. It was a privilege to take her pictures…  Please click thumbnails..

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Presenting: Adam Sandin Nikon D800, Sigma 50/ 1,4 ART, SB910 in a softbox Voice activated light stand & cousin to the subject: Oskar Jakobsson Please click thumbnail    

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From the 90-ies

Please Click Thumbnail Model: Camilla Camera: Mamiya RZ II Pro, Mamiya Sekor 180 mm Flashes: Broncolor Film: Kodak Plus-X Pan

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Sitting # 6 Saga Magnusdotter

For a few days ago I had a sitting (# 5) with Sofia and her daughter Vinga. It turned out that Vinga had a younger sister, Saga. Please click thumbnails!  

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