Artist statement.

”My photographic identity and skills was developed during the era in which we used film in our cameras. I cherish both black & white and creamy colors. I love grain and the ”bokeh” of analog photographs. 

On occasions I still use film, but I am mostly digital today and have carefully selected my gear & workflow so I once again can create ”organic”, analog looking, photographs that appeals to my heart & soul.

Each picture should tell a story.

My subjects is the same as ever: Wonderful human beings and interesting places and things.”

_DSC3651 - Version 2

  • I was born in Malmö, Sweden, a long time ago.

  • 1972 Got my first real camera at the age of thirteen. My grandfather was a diligent amateur photographer who traveled around the world and took pictures. He bought me a Minolta SR 1s with a 55 mm lens (I still got that camera in mint condition) in Tokyo. And so began my photographic journey.

  • 1980-1982 Assisting photographer to Kerstin Lundberg & Lennart Sandén in Malmö, Sweden.

  • 1983-1999 Advertising photographer. Worked mostly with fashion and editorials. Member of G.S.R, The Group of Swedish Commericial Photographers & SFF, Association of Swedish Professional Photographers.

  • 1993-1994 Documentary project about police work in Malmö, Sweden. Solo exhibition in Malmö city hall in cooperation with the police and the city of Malmö. Exhibition then toured throughout Sweden.

  • 1999 Took a break from my photography and devoted myself to others.

  • 2005-2013 CEO of the company Urtid.

  • 2011- Portrait photography. Corporate & privat sittings. Street photography.

I got my training in photography by working as an assistant. Evenings and nights were spent practicing the things I learned during the day. One of the benefits I had as an assistant was full access to the studio, professional photographic equipment and a large darkroom when the photographers had gone home for the day. This was when we had film in the camera, so much time was spent in the darkroom.

A young me during an editorial shoot in my Malmö studio (1980-ties)

Photo: Magnus Bolinder

 I have never studied photography or arts in theory. My university was learning by doing. On the other hand you can learn a lot by studying other photographers work. One photographer I especially admire is Georg Oddner (1923-2007). I had the pleasure to meet Mr Oddner on occasions since we both worked in Malmö.

Other great artist I admire is William Klein, David Bailey, Saul Leitner, William Egglestone, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, among others.

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