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Lindita, Beata & Johanna @ my studio

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ClaraMarie & Linnea in my studio

Sweden Models ClaraMarie & Linnéa poped in for some snaps… You are just beautiful and I wish you best of luck!

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Annecharlotte @ Hälsobalans

I had the pleasure to take Annecharlotte´s profile pictures.

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Inez @ my studio

Beautiful Inez.  

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Ebba M @ Sweden Models

Ebba M for Sweden Models.

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New old scans

I have developed a method of scanning my old negative using my digital camera. This method is good for prints up to 70×100 cm. And much faster than using a scanner. (see below) If I […]

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Shots from the 90-ies – edits of today.

I am grateful to be part of the crowd of photographers who have worked with film. Nothing is as nice as sitting over a light table and look at negatives. My negatives archive is extensive. […]

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My good old friend Roger.

Roger has worked as a model for some 30 (!?) years. We did our first gigs together in the mid eighties for crying out loud… He asked me if I could take a picture of […]

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Sitting # 9 Miss Norén.

It has been some 20 years since we had our last photo shoot, me and Anna-Carin. So it´s about time again… Anna-Carin is the archetype of the classic beauty. The one that age does´nt matters. […]

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