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ClaraMarie & Linnea in my studio

Sweden Models ClaraMarie & Linnéa poped in for some snaps… You are just beautiful and I wish you best of luck!

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Inez @ my studio

Beautiful Inez.  

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After a long time with darkness and gray weather… My local lake ”Sövdesjön” in pale winter light. Please click thumbnails…

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Sitting # 9 Miss Norén.

It has been some 20 years since we had our last photo shoot, me and Anna-Carin. So it´s about time again… Anna-Carin is the archetype of the classic beauty. The one that age does´nt matters. […]

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The Magnusdotter sisters

Pure beauty. Vinga & Saga. Please click thumbs for higher res…  

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From the 90-ies

Please Click Thumbnail Model: Camilla Camera: Mamiya RZ II Pro, Mamiya Sekor 180 mm Flashes: Broncolor Film: Kodak Plus-X Pan

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Sitting #5 Sofia & Vinga

Mother and daughter Sofia & Vinga visited my studio.. Please Click Thumbnail

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It´s been a while since I updated my blog…

But hopefully this will change to a more frequent update from now on. I´m about to finish building my small portrait studio where I hope to be able to produce some nice portraits. I have […]

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Had a quick visit to Berlin, Germany, this summer. I had high expectations of Berlin as a city to shoot in. I was not disappointed. Please click on thumbnails.. I will get back. For sure.

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Dreamlight in Helsingborg

Drömljus – Dreamlight is a festival with light in Helsingborg.

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