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From the 90-ies

Please Click Thumbnail Model: Camilla Camera: Mamiya RZ II Pro, Mamiya Sekor 180 mm Flashes: Broncolor Film: Kodak Plus-X Pan

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New lenses in my kit.

Welcome Sigma 35 mm/1,4 DG ART & Sigma 50 mm/ 1,4 DG ART. Awesome glass! Please click on thumbnail. Now I´m only waiting for the new Sigma 85 1,4 ART and the kit is complete. […]

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It´s been a while since I updated my blog…

But hopefully this will change to a more frequent update from now on. I´m about to finish building my small portrait studio where I hope to be able to produce some nice portraits. I have […]

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Waiting with excitement…

Today I ordered a couple of brand new studio flashes! Yeah! I sold my old ones eleven years ago to a client of mine. Those was a Swiss made Broncolor system that cost a fortune […]

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